Orthostand One for Pedorthists

Every day the need for a better ergonomic process for analysing and fitting footwear is growing for pedorthists who treat multiple clients daily. 

Practitioners often treat clients on their knees, or sitting bent over by their knees, with their arms extended to the client’s feet. 

Orthostand improves the quality and ergonomics of the analysis of feet and fitting of footwear in medical applications.

Orthostand One for Clients

Clients experience more comfort on the Orthostand One with a comfortable PU seat and back during the often long measurement and fitting sessions. Clients are supported by solid safety bar supports in standing, semi-standing and seated positions.

The optimal ergonomic conditions for the practitioners also have a positive influence on the result. 

Clients get a better solution because the service provider has better visibility and working position. 

Especially for small people and children, the Platform module can be raised in no time by 8.5 cm in relation to the seat and safety bars.

Step Up Most Safely 
From the Sides

Standing Supports in 
Half Closed Position
Standing Supports in 
Closed Position

Safety Bars in 
Transport Position

Orthostand One in Care Homes

At the rear, two wheels are integrated into the Lift module. The safety bars can be rotated backwards and secured in the Transport position. 

Press one foot on one wheel and the Orthostand can be tilted backwards and moved around. A minimum width of 90 cm applies for the doors.