Story of Podox

Podox was started in 2021 in the Netherlands with a request from Gert, a befriended sports pedorthist, for a better solution to do his work. He treated 5-8 clients a day while his back and knees were protesting every day a bit more.

My name is Jan Beltman. Gert asked me, being owner of Markant, where we improve the working conditions for office workers.

At Markant my main role is to keep the company close to its mission and the development of new products that reduce sitting hours. 

So I hired Eric, our external Industrial designer, for assistance to develop a solution. That turned out to be a bumpy road making two steps forward but also one backwards as knowledge about the problem grew and there was no example solution.

In the meantime friend Henk referred me to Björn Lukkien of PLT Products who became a great partner in the further development of the orthopaedic lift and as our exclusive distributor for the paramedical market in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The market for Orthopaedic lifts is a niche market with a very limited international volume. Orthostand is the brand name for the paramedical market. Podox is also the brand name for the similar lift for sport- and shoe retail markets and may be marketed completely separately from the para-medical market.

Underneath you will see some steps in the development to the final model Podox 100.

2020: Orthostand v1

Stop working from the ground

Elevate the feet and client

2021: Orthostand v2

Standing or sitting

Comfort for client and professional

2023: Orthostand One

Options for Integration

Improved Comfort

Easy transport