We Welcome Importers for several countries

Dear Importer,

Partnering with Podox presents importers with a compelling business opportunity and the chance to significantly impact the health and productivity of foot specialists in your country. 

Podox manufactures the Orthostand in Malaysia, strategically positioned between your two countries. This location also enables the production of this high-quality lift at an attractive price point.

We see two different markets for the orthopaedic lift.

In the Paramedic’s market the lift is sold under the brand name Orthostand.

Orthostand is al vertegenwoordigd in Nederland, België, Luxemburg en Duitsland.

In de sport- en schoenenretailmarkt wordt de orthopedische lift afzonderlijk verkocht als vergelijkbaar product onder de merknaam Podox.

Hartelijke groeten,

Jan Beltman