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Ortopædi Skomageren Aps.

    Skomager is een familiebedrijf in Denemarken dat gespecialiseerd is in de productie van orthopedisch schoeisel en inlegzolen. Wij zijn trots op het combineren van de fijnste ambachtelijke tradities met moderne technologie om hoogwaardige producten aan onze gewaardeerde klanten te leveren. 

As pedorthists, we often find ourselves working in physically demanding postures, such as kneeling or hunching over. Visiting the ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK fair in Cologne, Germany on October 15, 2022 we discovered the Orthostand One during its international debut. Impressed by its ergonomics advantages, we  placed on January 17, 2023 the order and received the shipment on March 10, 2023.

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Ortopædi Skomageren Aps.

"Orthostand has significantly transformed our working conditions"

 Being the first client of Orthostand in Denmark, we took care of the installation ourselves, which proved to be a straightforward process. We simply lifted the platform slightly to remove the screws that secured the Orthostand to the pallet. This whole procedure took us only 15 minutes. The lift functioned perfectly from the start, and connecting the foot switch to the control box in the Cable centre was also hassle-free.

Now, after one year of using the Orthostand, we can confidently say that it has significantly transformed our working conditions. We cannot imagine working without it anymore. The Orthostand has improved the quality of our work, and we find ourselves less exhausted at the end of each day.

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