Safety bars in standard and Small-People position

These swivelling safety bars can be secured in the following positions: step-up, standard support position or a more closed position for small people. There is also a transport position for the safety bars with which the Orthostand can be easily moved.

Step up most safely from the sides

Orthostand One can be equipped with a Notebook holder.

Orthostand One

Orthostand One is equipped with a safe electrically height-adjustable platform with a particularly low step of 14 cm with solid rotating safety bars.

The Lift Module is powered by two powerful motors. The system has an enormous lifting capacity, but for safety it is limited to 140 kg because heavy people often experience problems with balance.

Orthostand has developed a device that allows foot specialists to work more productively and comfortably during treating foot problems.


• Length: 98cm, Width: 88 cm Including safety bars and overhanging back support

• Width when single safety bar open: 128 cm

• Floor contact: 77.5 cm wide x 80 cm deep


• Width: 44 cm, Depth: 43 cm, seat height standard: 41.5 cm

• The Seat is fixed at 440mm from the Platform. As an option we will develop an Electric Height adjustable seat that will be adjustable between 395 and 515 cm.


• Width: 70 cm, Depth: 56 cm

• Minimum step-up height: 14 cm, max. height platform: 54 cm

• Maximum platform height at system setting +5cm: 58 cm and at position +10 cm: 63 cm

Height of Safety Bars Relative to the Platform

• Height of bars: 110 cm


• Product: 65 kg

• Loadable weight: 140 kg

System Positions

• If an accessory is placed under the platform, the entire platform and seat must be adjusted in height by 5 cm or 10 cm. This also increases the maximum height of the device by 5 or 10 cm.

Required Minimum Height of the Practitioner's Workspace is 250 cm

• The height of the workspace minus 53 cm in standard position is the maximum length for a client.

With a Client Height of 195 cm, The Minimum Height of the Room is 250 cm

• If the system position is set to +5 cm this becomes 255 cm and in system position +10 cm it becomes 260 cm.


• Sensor module with horizontal sliding possibility for line

Lasers from Third Parties

• Slider module for footbed or scanner on top of the platform

• Supports for the oven under platform (under development)

Lift Module

Solid Lift-Modules are coupled to the System Frame on both sides and form the base of the Orthostand.

System Frame Module

24 Free mounting holes with M8 screw thread are provided in the 6 mm thick steel sides of the System Frame module. Solid connections can be made there. For example with drawer guides for vacuum bed analyzers or scanners.

The System Frame can therefore be adjusted up to 10 cm in height on the Lift-Modules to make room for equipment under the Platform module up to a height of 14 cm.

For as yet unknown specific applications in the future, the System Frame itself can easily be exchanged for an alternative System frame. That makes the Orthostand One future-proof.

Platform Module

The Platform module is hung in the System frame without tools. The Orthostand One is easily adjustable to the Small-People position. For this purpose, an additional Platform connector has been fitted in the System frame 8.5 cm above the standard position.​

For specific requirements, the Platform can also be exchanged for a specific support for f.e. a special 3D scanner.

Cabling Module

The cabling of third-party equipment is facilitated by the Cabling module mounted on the base. This consists of a Cable box with the attached Elbow height-variable cable gutter. Solid cabling is required for the mobility of the Orthostand One.

For mobile, large wheels are integrated into the rear sides of the Lift module. The base has 6 free threaded mounting holes for third-party equipment to be mounted under the Platform module.

The Height Adjustable Cable Gutter

Sensor bar

Laser units can be mounted with their standard conncetors to the Sensorbar module that can be attached to the System frame.

Slider Module

The slider module that is attached to the System frame is a kind of drawer for equipment on which clients are analyzed while standing up. In use, the tray rests on the platform. To use the Platform, the slider is pushed back.

Sensors module offers horizontal shifting capabilities for 3rd party line lasers.

Slider module set backwards

Slider module set backwards

Slider module set forward in action